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3 Commonly Asked Questions About Tree Spraying

Star Valley Wyoming Weed and Pest

Protecting the trees in your landscape is important to Star Valley, Wyoming homeowners. The best way to keep your trees healthy, is to routinely spray them with eco-friendly pesticides. Prevention is the most effective form of tree pest control. It is much more effective to keep trees healthy though repetitive treatments, rather than waiting to treat them after they become infected with various pests.

In Star Valley, Aspens, Spruce, and Pine trees are especially prone to pests such the Aspen Borer, White Pine Weevils, and Aphids. Evergreen trees may be susceptible to several types of pests. Apex Environmental uses the most effective tree spraying products and methods in the industry to ensure your trees are healthy and well cared for. Getting help from the experts at Apex can help prevent your trees from bugs, or restore your trees' health and save them. If you are new to tree care, we have created a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive about tree spraying.


Tree spraying involves spraying the entire trunk of trees from 360° to protect them from insects. The particular products that are used and their timing depend on the types of trees and insects that have been identified. Because different pests have specific life cycles, the timing of spraying is very important. The right window of opportunity depends on the type of tree and type of pest. Timing is everything. Some pests will require a series of sprays in order to control and eliminate them.


Tree spraying is most effective at prolonging the life of your trees before they are experiencing identified insect infestations. You cannot reverse structural damage already done. Our pest control experts will inspect your trees to identify the types of insect infestations that your trees are naturally prone to or experiencing. Our experts will then spray them using the correct formulations to provide immediate and residual relief. At a minimum, we recommend spraying them once a year in the spring.


Spraying your trees is a good way to prevent pests from damaging your valuable investments. The type of spray and its timing is important, and the benefits of spraying outweigh the potential harm of spraying chemicals because we only use environmentally safe products. When the right sprays are used at the right time, it will help prevent your trees from pests or potentially save your trees by offering them immediate relief from the infestations that are already ailing them.

Star Valley Pest Control


If you have trees on your property that you care about and want to keep them healthy, it is important for you to get professional help. Apex is equipped to treat trees of all shapes and sizes. Our experts will identify the potential or current insect infestation that your trees are prone to or have. Apex will then select the right products that are most likely to offer your tree benefits. Call the experts at Apex Environmental if you need help with protecting your home and property from pests and receive a free inspection and qoute at 307-887-6814.

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