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3 Ways Star Valley Homeowners Will Benefit From Fertilization

The word is out. After much anticipation and demand, Apex Environmental is offering fertilization this spring. After much research and development, Apex is proud to offer the best fertilization solution for homeowners in Star Valley, Wyoming. Together, we can help you achieve a healthy and green lawn. But just how beneficial is it to fertilize your lawn? And why granule fertilization instead of liquid fertilization? Below are 3 ways you will benefit from our new service this spring:


There are several reasons why you need to fertilize your lawn. Over time, many lawns will leech nutrients out of their soil. Most nutrients for your lawn are water-soluble. Over time, through rain or irrigation, the water will carry these nutrients out of your lawn. This will leave your lawn nutrient deficient, which will leave you with an unhealthy lawn susceptible to disease and weeds. In some instances, the soil that the grass is growing in does not have the naturally occurring nutrients that turf needs to grow healthy. If this is the case, fertilizer will be needed in order to maintain a healthy lawn. Apex Environmental determines your soils level nutrients. The results of this test help determine exactly what type of fertilizer that your lawn needs to achieve your desired results.


Plants benefit almost instantly from properly applied Fertilization. While nitrogen levels are important in soil, too much or too little nitrogen can kill grass. A professional is needed to ensure proper application. Fertilizers are designed to promote overall healthy pH levels. Ideally, soil should have a pH ranging between 5 and 7 and a liquid fertilizer can aid in the balancing of pH levels. When exposed to these ideally balanced pH levels, seeds and grass will put out strong, healthy root systems that keep the lawn fed.


Star Valley Wyoming Liquid vs Granular Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers are concentrates of eco-friendly chemicals that contain a mixture of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and iron. The solution acts quickly with little residual to make nutrients available to your lawn and plants. The pH of soil may also adversely influence liquid effectiveness.

Granular fertilization show positive results over a longer period of time than liquid fertilization. Plants and grass will receive the nutrients they need over a longer period of time to help them recover from deficiencies. Granular fertilizers also work more effectively in moisture and warm temperatures.


Fertilization plays a significant role in helping your lawn look its best, but as you can see, there’s more to it than simply buying fertilizer at the local Star Valley Home & Garden retailer and throwing it around your lawn. Our fertilizer formula is applied at the right time to stimulate and maintain growth. Our certified specialists at Apex Environmental understand the science behind lawn fertilization, and how to properly applicate it. Apex knows how to ensure that homeowners in Star Valley, Wyoming enjoy a hassle-free and beautiful landscape.

So why a professional? It’s simple. Apex is Star Valley’s premier residential and commercial local weed and pest control service. We use the most progressive products in Lincoln County. Spend your time doing things you love and let us handle the yard work. Remove the stress of having to apply and store products, by using a professional you can trust. Schedule your lawn fertilization service for this spring.

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